Repositioning / rebranding

Repositioning / Rebranding

The correct positioning of a hospitality asset at a particular point in its life cycle is truly a complex process. Constantly changing market factors, including outside economic forces, shifts in demand patterns and changing competitive pressures, can all influence a property's success and constantly force an owner to reevaluate his asset's position.

Adding value through repositioning has been a constant component of our strategies to improve return on investment.
Based on our client's goals, we provide the necessary research to assist in the decision making phases, developing a hospitality repositioning plan, and then executing the strategy, whether it be a complete rebranding or simply a light refurbishment.

Having been ourselves owner and operator of hotels, we perfectly understand how renovation works can affect your business and impact your cash flows. Therefore, we will always seek the most effective solutions to your hotel, through thoughtful planning, that will minimize your displacement cost while preserving your guests satisfaction.

But a repositioning cannot succeed without a clear sales & marketing vision. H.E.C. can assist you in defining the right strategy for your hotel and can bring support to your management team, at the hotel level, to implement such strategy to the operations.


  • Identification of current and desired hotel market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommended improvements focusing on the hotel's competitive edge
  • Costing of any renovations or operating changes required
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Brand/affiliation selection
  • Quality audits
  • Forecasted operating results