In the last 25 years, as a result of changes in the online sphere and to the economy, independent hotels
have grown from being not just small, independent hotels but much larger operating businesses.
Market positioning, design, human resources, financial management, revenue-management, distribution and online reputation are just some of the areas that today, make our job one of complexity and leave no room for error in the face of fierce competition.
We have already seen the effects of the growth of the internet and it looks set to be one of the major challenges of the future. Today’s challenges have nothing in common with the challenges of the past: they require adaptability, the ability to be responsive and the need to have specific knowledge.
While this sphere continues to revolutionise, independent hotels sometimes require advice to prepare for what they might face tomorrow.
Our story is one of a team of people driven by the same passion. Our combined experience in hotel management allows us to provide advice in a wealth of areas from market positioning to human resources ensuring we understand your problems and produce the outcomes you require.
After much success with 25 hotel openings in almost 25 years under the guise of GLA hotels, 4 passionate colleagues created ‘Hotel Experts Consulting’: providing flexible, responsible and honest advice, motivated by a single ambition: your success.